What We Provide

Our services and solutions are derived after a collaborative review of our client’s business needs.

A Partial List of Solutions Provided by HR Business Partner, LLC

Immediate impact

Leadership coaching and counsel around human capital, Ready resource and assistance for leadership and managers in addressing immediate day-to-day workplace employee challenges and issues.

Compensation and Benefits

Review existing compensation structure and suggest improvements to retain talent. Conduct market research and recommend a competitive compensation structure. Review of benefits package, including health, dental and vision coverages, retirement plans, and other perks.

Crisis Management

Provide guidance in responding to human resources-related crises, such as allegations of harassment or other serious workplace issues.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Design and conduct surveys to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement. Note – Additional Premier Service is available conducting Focus Groups that guarantee identification of barriers to improved employee engagement.

Employee Recognition Programs

Design and implement programs to recognize and reward outstanding performance.

Employee Relations

Assist with addressing and resolving workplace conflicts, misconduct, grievances, and other inappropriate behaviors. Complete investigations as warranted and review of disciplinary protocol.

Employee Retention

Introduction of “Stay Interviews” to obtain actionable intelligence that can be immediately utilized for organizational betterment, gain critical insights into employee engagement and retention at an individual level, and position managers as key problem-solvers, empowering them to create tailored stay plans for each employee, thus fostering a more cohesive and motivated workforce.

Employee Training and Development

Focus in implementation of training to enhance supervisor skills and performance. Key employee awareness training.

Human Resources Audit

A comprehensive 325-point audit of human resources practices, processes and regulatory compliance.

Human Resources Metrics and Analytics

Implementation of human resources data analysis to provide insights on key workplace metrics.

Human Resources and Organizational Policy Development

Craft and update employee handbooks, drafting of policies and procedures based on business needs.

Human Resources Technology Consulting

Assist with the selection and implementation of HR software and systems.

I9 Compliance

I9 Compliance, Audit and review of I9 recordkeeping and compliance.

Labor Relations

Advise on union-related matters to include union avoidance strategies, if necessary.

Legal Compliance

Ensure that the business is compliant with all local, state, and federal employment laws. Federal and State specific mandatory posting requirement compliance.

Performance Management

Establish and manage performance review systems and facilitating performance improvement plans.

Succession Planning

Prepare for future leadership transitions to ensure business continuity. Assess and identify the performance and potential of existing leadership.

Talent Acquisition

Assist with sourcing (job posting) and selection of candidates beginning with accurate job descriptions and Offer Letters as examples.

Termination Review

Review of pending terminations and provide guidance to minimize legal liabilities.

Turnover Analysis

Review of historical turnover to identify trends and areas requiring attention. Implementation of a turnover reduction plan as warranted.

Workforce Planning

Analyze current workforce capabilities and forecasting future needs.